Biloxi Taxi Cab

Biloxi Taxi Cab Pickup and Delivery

Regency Taxi roams the entire coastal town of Biloxi, Mississippi. While riding with Regency, tourists get to experience their eyes full of attractions, from alluring casino lights to the vast array of colorful dining options. The only thing better than having the time of your life is having reliable transportation along the ride. Regency Taxi cabs are available 24/7 so that we can be there when your day begins, and we can be there when your night ends. Our drivers will escort you home after a winning (or losing) night at the casino. Our drivers will give you a rockin’ ride home from a concert at the convention center. With safety and convenience at your finger-tips, there’s only one call to make. Traveling to a new place can be thrilling but often risky. We pride ourselves on taking the risk out of it. We do so by understanding your needs when we arrive to pick you up. We cater to groups of many sizes and trips of many lengths.

If you have specific needs for transportation, our professional drivers are trained to make sure your needs are a priority during each and every commute. Not only will we get you there; we’ll get you there fast! When your commute requires urgency, we’ve got you covered. Our professional drivers are equipped with navigation knowledge that will get you to your destination as soon as possible. Speedy safety is our specialty. When your lunch break is only so long, we understand that every minute counts. There’s nothing more convenient than safety and urgency, and this is the standard we set at Regency.